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‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات noscaf. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات noscaf. إظهار كافة الرسائل


In age of #ISIS, will you lose web freedoms of #ArabSpring #Egypt #25jan

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The 5 Year`s Anniversary of Egypt’s Revolution 

"If you want to liberate a society, just give them the Internet,"

Fast forward five years to today: Many Egyptian revolutionaries are in jail, and in many ways, our romance with social media and revolution has soured. The Internet remains a powerful tool for people fighting for social justice and human rights around the world, but we've witnessed the extent to which it also can be powerful in the hands of dictators and terrorists.
With headlines swirling about the Islamic State's use of social media to recruit people from across the globe -- sometimes mobilizing them to kill on ISIS' behalf -- we're left with a challenge: How do we in the democratic world prevent terrorists from capitalizing on the Internet without compromising our own freedom?
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The victims will include many law-abiding peaceful people who have every right to express themselves but whose activities happen to be unpopular, misunderstood or offensive to powerful institutions.
This will be excellent news for regimes in Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere that already use broadly worded anti-terror laws to jail journalists and activists. Social media's power as a tool for journalists hoping to expose injustice and for activists trying to build movements will corrode.
The Arab Spring may have failed in most countries. But if the rights of social media users are not protected and respected, the next movement could be deleted before the world ever learns about it.


#EGYPT NEW Revolution #25jan 2015 #UPDATE

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#EGYPT NEW Revolution #25jan 2015 #UPDATE

  1. From all the photos reportedly taken on the scene of the shooting in Talaat Harb square, a mix is visible of police, high ranking officers and masked men from special security forces, which are now a common sight at protests. Theirs are also the only visible weapons. Later, the circumstance of Shaimaa being hit was placed in the usual dynamic of police shooting birdshots or live rounds while dispersing protesters. This doesn't agree with the hypothesis of a random, "infiltrated" shooter, or an MB affiliate, as argued by Ministry of Interiors in their first version.



 Whatever Happened To The Egyptian Revolution?


#Egypt authorities investigate #SCAF leaked

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Controversial audio recordings were leaked yesterday evening and aired on Egypt's Mekameleen satellite network. The recordings feature several senior SCAF army officers talking amongst themselves and with other top officials to resolve what seemed to be an unanticipated problem.

General Mamdouh Shahin, Egypt's assistant minister of defence for constitutional and legal affairs

Egypt authorities investigate leaked recording


#Ramadan in #Egypt 's #economy is witnessing .4 shock and surprise #SISi

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SISI said that Ramadan is often a quiet month with respect to the economic aspect in Egypt, due to the preference of investors and officials to postpone any investment decisions or regulatory beyond the end of the month, which is dominated by the character of worship, but Ramadan came this year in a different direction altogether.

The month of Ramadan ended hours before several important economic events in Egypt, some of which represents a radical change in economic direction of the state.

Monitors Editor TOM most prominent economic events that dominated by the character of'' shock and surprise''

Reducing support

Approved President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the first day of the month of Ramadan, a draft of the state budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015, the total budget deficit stood at about 240 billion pounds, equivalent to about 10 percent of GDP.

The president issued a decree, the law the new budget, which includes among other expenses amounted to about 789 billion pounds, and the total public revenues amounted to about 549 billion pounds, compared with a projected deficit during the current fiscal year 2013-2014 amounted to some 243 billion pounds, equivalent to about 12 percent of the GDP.

According to statements by the Minister of Finance, has been supporting the rationalization of petroleum products to save about 44 billion pounds to 100 billion pounds during the new fiscal year by moving prices rather than 144 billion pounds in the current fiscal year.

Expenses have also been reduced by about 18 billion pounds to 789 billion pounds in the budget approved expenses compared to 802 billion pounds in the draft budget, which was rejected by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

He explained that he has been reduced expenses by reducing item wages by about 1.2 billion pounds and reduced item purchase goods and services by about 2.5 billion pounds and cut benefits by about 2.5 billion pounds, and transfers about 12 billion pounds.

And monitor the Editor TOM decline targeted support for 8 other sectors in the state budget ( fuel is not alone .. the government cut support 8 new sectors in the budget )

Increase the price of fuel, electricity and gas

The government approved the decision to raise the price of all types of fuel, where it was increasing the price of 80 liters of gasoline to 1.60 pounds instead of 90 pounds, and raise the price of 92 liters of gasoline to 2 pounds and 60 piasters instead of 1 and 85 pounds penny.

It also is raising the price of 95 liters of gasoline to 6.65 pounds instead of 5.65 and raise the price of diesel to 1.80 pounds instead of 1.10 pounds.

The government approved the increase in electricity prices from the start of the current bill for the month of July, in support of a plan to rationalize electricity within 5 years.

The Minister of the electricity that the average real price per kilowatt-hour currently up to about 47 pounds and the average selling price of about 22.6 penny, but in the context of restructuring in the first year would be the average selling price of 29.2 penny, and in the second 35.2 penny, and the third 40 piasters, and the fourth penny 45.5, 50.8 and fifth penny, and will show a simple profit margin for the first time in the electricity sector during the fifth year of restructuring.

The minister pointed out that the support of electricity this year after restructuring of 27.4 billion pounds, instead of the 38.7 billion pounds, if he had not been initiated in the restructuring.

And increased natural gas prices for cement factories, steel and fertilizers, following the decision to increase prices for homes in the past month.

Following the decisions of the increase in fuel prices, transport prices witnessed a remarkable heights, whilst recognizing the provincial transportation tariff increase by about 10 percent.

The network predicted Bloomberg News remarkable economic surges in the prices of goods and services in Egypt after the decision to increase the price of fuel and electricity.

Taxes taxes taxes

Sisi issued a decree amending some provisions of the Income Tax Law promulgated by Law No. 91 of 2005 and the law of stamp tax promulgated by Law No. 111 of 1980.

Included Act Amendments of income tax on capital gains on stock exchange transactions by about 10 percent, also approved a tax on the dividends of the shares at a price of 10 percent to be reduced to 5 percent of the shareholders long-term with equity of not less than 25 percent as strategic shareholders.

The project is also not subjected bonus shares distributed by companies listed on the stock exchange to its shareholders for the tax on the distributions.

It also included amendments to the Income Tax Add residing outside Egypt is supposed to pay them for taxes in case if Egypt was the center of his business or industrial or professional.

The cabinet approved amendments to the law on real estate tax, expected to yield up to about 3 pounds 3.5 billion annually when the full application of the law.

Also issued Sisi, a decree increasing taxes on liquor and cigarettes, to varying degrees, to announce after the cigarette companies to increase domestic and foreign prices of their products in response to Resolution.

He also revealed the draft general budget of the state, the government to amend the system increase in wages during the current fiscal year (2014-2015), which introduced the first of July.

The draft general budget of the state that among the amendments adopted by the government, modified system where the increase in wages was canceled tax exemption on the special allowances and stop the annexation of the basic curdled after 5 years.

The largest decline in foreign reserves

Drop in net foreign exchange reserves to Egypt to lose at the end of June, 597 million U.S. dollars, and the biggest loss recorded in 2014.

The central bank said that the cash reserves stood at 16.687 billion dollars by the end of June (initially) compared to 17.284 billion dollars in the month of May.

The Egyptian foreign reserves of foreign currencies fell by almost 205 million dollars during the month of May.

Surprise interest rates

Committee decided to monetary policy of the Central Bank of Egypt raise the overnight deposit and lending rates for one night for the first time in 2014 by 100 basis points (1 percent) to arrive at 9.25 percent and 10.25 percent respectively.

The Bloomberg network considered economic decision CBE surprise, following the decisions of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on increasing fuel prices and taxes on cigarettes and fuel.

Bloomberg pointed out that the central bank's decision came after the announcement of the Egyptian government to raise energy prices threatens to increase the prices of all commodities in Egypt.


#Ramadan beneath the surface #Egypt

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#Ramadan beneath the surface #Egypt
Ramadan provides an annual opportunity for restaurants to show off their best meals for the hungry, fasting crowd. The food business thrives as customers line up to find a seat in dinner halls, fast food outlets and “shaaby chic” kitchens.
But there are other establishments to choose from once you’re done with lengthy family dinners at home; local places only known by name and neglected by reviewers. We, a meat-loving Egyptian and a flexible vegetarian foreigner with a shared love of food, go on a culinary quest through the streets of Cairo to experience Ramadan beneath the surface.

Photo by Mohamed Anis
Photo by Mohamed Anis

Tuk-tuk race in Dar El-Salam
Loud music comes from the speakers behind our heads while we hold tight to the handrails in front of us. Our fast driver Antar Abu Farah moves his tuk-tuk from right to left, synchronic with the electronic beats. We zigzag through busy dark alleys during a power cut, only seeing flashes of Ramadan lamps and car lights.
Another tuk-tuk appears on our side, trying to catch up with us. A girl comfortably sitting in the back smiles and claps her hands. Boosting up our speed, we leave behind the crowds of Dar El-Salam and head towards the empty streets of an age-old cemetery. We can’t resist taking a quick tuk-tuk-selfie.
Photo by Lucia Admiraal
Photo by Lucia Admiraal
How did we end up in this roller coaster? Half an hour before, we had a peaceful iftar in Dar El-Salam, one of Cairo’s poorest neighbourhoods in between Maadi and historic Coptic Cairo, which is also the heart of the Egyptian mahraganatmusic scene being heard from every tuk-tuk in town.
Now we are on our way to get a sugary Egyptian dessert at Abd el Naeem in the Gyara neighbourhood– close to Manial. It’s worth the claustrophobic tuk-tuk ride: we fall in love with delicious sweets carrying the name rumoush – eyelashes. It is similar to Egyptian basbousa, but has more bite and a nice oval shape.
The kind driver Antar, 27, who brought us here, used to be a butcher, like his father and grandfather. But after the revolution started in 2011, business was not going so well, after which he decided to drive a tuk-tuk instead. He is hoping President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi will make things better so he can be a butcher again.
Shortly before iftar we started our adventure on the busy roads of Dar El-Salam. The streets are full of fruit vendors selling the tastiest smelling mango. Ma’adet El Rahman tables – where free food is being served for iftar – are to be found on almost every street corner. However, apart from a smoky kofta place, there were not a lot of balady restaurants open as people spend more time with their family the first weeks of Ramadan.
A man tells us to go to Fawzy – only a short walk away. While we hurry through the crowds – it’s only 10 minutes up to iftar – the man suddenly appears again, this time in a tuk-tuk joined by his two young daughters. Excited, we squeeze ourselves in the tuk-tuk for our first ride.
Fawzy’s restaurant is owned by a Christian family and opened more than 70 years ago. It has a nice small terrace surrounded by plants. Throughout the year, they serve a wide range of balady food, from duck and chicken to cheese sambousek, mindy, mahshy, an Egyptian favourite, and Italian inspired cannelloni.
Photo by Mohamed Anis
Photo by Mohamed Anis
For iftar, there is less to choose. We get soup, beans fasouliyya, salad, bread and chicken and beef served with rice. The restaurant owner, Fawzy Hakeen immediately appears at our table – having seen our doubtful glances at the greasy beef. But beef without fat can’t be good meat, he ensures us. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it look more tempting. The chicken, however, is nicely flavoured, the soup is served warm and the salad tastes fresh. What more do you need?
A cup of tea on the terrace with Fawzy. He talks almost as passionately about his food as he talks about his former wife, who passed away four years ago. Listening to his stories, you wouldn’t immediately tell he used to work for security services before running a food business.
He owns another shop selling falafal and foul for the sohour that normally serves “KFC-type” food.
“KFC has the secret recipes, I have the balady recipes,” Fawzy says.
Photo by Lucia Admiraal
Photo by Lucia Admiraal
Looking us into the eyes back and forth, he concludes, “There’ll never be someone like your first wife when it comes to love.”
Restaurant review

Fawzy Restaurant, Abo Ashraf Street, Dar El-Salam
Food: Simple balady.
Price: EGP 60 for a nice meal that leaves room for dessert.
Atmosphere: Good place for some romantic advice from Fazwi.
Accessibility: Take the metro to Dar El-Salam and then walk or take a tuk-tuk.
Egyptian rating: Well-marinated chicken, great vibe, love advice, adventurous tuk-tuk, what not to like? Ok, maybe the greasy beef.
Foreigner rating: Unforgettable, claustrophobic tuk-tuk ride.

Photo by Mohamed Anis
Photo by Mohamed Anis