‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Wahhabi. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Wahhabi. إظهار كافة الرسائل


Sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia up by 37% in 2017

Sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia up by 11.4% in 2016

A recent field study conducted by the “Institute for International Research”, a Canadian institute specializing in research and field studies in economic, political, and social fields, has revealed that sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia has increased 11.4% in 2016, compared to 2014.
The study, in which 120 thousand women from 49 countries took part in, found that there has been a sharp increase in those countries which also include Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Benin, Mali, Mauritania, and Uganda.

The study, which chose 15 thousand women from Saudi Arabia, found that 37% were subjected to verbal
sexual harassment, 34% to ogling, 36% to “numbering”, in which the harasser attempt to give his victim his phone number, and 25% to unwanted physical contact (touching parts of the body).
According to the study, the age of the women participating in it ranged between 12 to 38 years. Women were also harassed regardless of whether they were made-up or not, indicating that the predator does not care for the kind of victim.
The institute’s study also indicated that 46% of the women believed that their driving a car helps to a degree in raising women’s level of social security in Saudi society, and therefore banning them from driving makes them vulnerable to predation by drivers and bystanders in the streets.

The study shows that harassment in Saudi Arabia is much higher than countries less developed in terms of economy and security. Furthermore, this study only took into account Saudi women, and not foreign women residing in Saudi Arabia as there is need for another study that shows how these women are harassed in the kingdom. These women live under painful and difficult conditions working as maids, whose guarantors (kafeel) to harass them however they wish, and the law does not protect them.
4118 Saudi women came forth with sexual harassment charges in 2016 according to the Saudi Justice Ministry. 78% of the women taking part in the Institute for International Research’s study also believe that the real numbers of sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia are much higher than the ones declared by the government, because women are afraid of being beaten, violated, or of the negative way they may be viewed by their husbands, or by society, as coming forth to court to register such a charge is considered to be “sacrificing one’s honor.”
Harassment cases in 2016 were at 7.6/day according to official and non-official sources; meanwhile the Saudi Justice Ministry blames the foreigners for these numbers, whereas human rights organizations state that the harassment cases for which foreigners are guilty constitute only 19% of the cases. Reuters had published a report in 2014, placing Saudi Arabia in 3rd place among 24 countries in worksite sexual harassment cases, stating that 16% of women working in Saudi Arabia have been sexually harassed by their superiors at work. 92% of Saudi women have been harassed in one form or another according to a series of studies by Saudi researcher Noura al-Zahrani.
Saudi Arabia has no laws that protect harassed women, and most laws favor the men. Many extremist Wahhabi scholars such as the Kingdom’s Mufti Abedlaziz al-Sheikh and Sheikh ‘A’ed al-Qarni, Mohammad al-Arifi, and others, have stood against any attempts at reform for Saudi women, including the anti-harassment bill that was discussed a few years ago in the Shura council, and was later abandoned due to extremists rising against it saying “it helps spread the concept of intersex mingling in society.”
Saudi scholar Abdullah Dawood launched in May 2013 the “#Harass_Cashiers” hashtag, through which he called for harassing female employees and saleswomen in clothes shops; however he was not tried for his statements that violate humane and international laws.
The Saudi government has attempted to separate female and male workplaces, but apparently this step was very unsuccessful on the ground, and so the government claimed that the increase of harassment in society is due to the increase in the female workforce. Would this excuse convince the public?


Yemen army killed 17 form Saudi army

The Yemeni air defense forces downed a Saudi Apache helicopter gunship on Wednesday with a surface-to-air missile in the district of Harad in Hajjah.
In similar achievement, a Saudi soldier has been killed in shelling on the border with Yemen, the military said late Wednesday, adding to a rising toll in the kingdom's south over the past week.
"He was hit by a projectile in the sector of Jazan," a Saudi border district, said a statement from the Saudi-led coalition which has been bombing Yemen for more than four months in support of fugitive President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

The army attack came in retaliation for the continuous Saudi-US war on the country that killed so far more than 4000 people, and caused much destruction across provinces.

In Friday rocket fire from Yemen by the national army and the Popular Committees killed three soldiers and a paramilitary along the frontier, in the deadliest such incident for several weeks.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 5,302 civilians, mostly women and children.

جثث جنود آل سعود..... معركه نجران.....
Posted by ‎ثائر سنحان‎ on Friday, 7 August 2015

عاقل يام :لا يوجد اشجع من المقاتل اليمني ، وكلنا يمانيون الاصل ولنا الفخر في ذلك،لم اشاهد هذه المغامرات ابداً.#نجران #جازان http://youtu.be/SubMNTFblsg
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Suicide bomber detonates in Saudi Arabia Masjid, 25 reportedly killed

A suicide bomber has blown himself up at a Masjid in Saudi Arabia, which was used by members of the security forces. The blast took place in the Asir region, and at least 25 military men have been killed, according to local reports.

The attacker struck the mosque during the early afternoon in the city of Abha, the provincial capital, which is southeast of Mecca and not far from the Yemeni border.



Because we deserve to live in peace ‪#‎kefayawar‬ ‪#‎ouryemen‬ #Yemen

Nearly two weeks into a Saudi Arabia-led military assault on Yemen, that has rained down bombs on civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure while locking out food and medical aid, people within the country and across the global diaspora are turning to social media—and to the streets—to send a message to the world: Enough War. The online campaign Kefaya War (“enough war” in Arabic) calls for people across the globe to “end ALL fighting in Yemen & stand with The People, who refuse to be collateral damage in a battle for Power.” Since the bombings began March 26, the hashtag has received an outpouring of messages, from Scotland to Mexico to Yemen to the United States.
Protest at the White House April 5. (Photo courtesy of Rami Elamine)

thank you to the people of Pakistan for their incredible solidarity!
Posted by KefayaWar # OurYemen on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sketch of Old Sana'a - "Solidarity from Turkey"
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Solidarity from a #US war veteran - "I know that one war was two too many!" #KefayaWar
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Crater -Aden is not Israel and people there are not Zionists #AdenRelief #Kefayawar
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Bombs and human rights violations can never bring peace. Therefore, The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation stands with the...
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#KefayaWar from Noha in the UK, because I want to go home.. enough war, enough bloodshed!
Posted by KefayaWar # OurYemen on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Posted by Dr-Nasr Alshodby on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Posted by Dr-Nasr Alshodby on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Children have the right to live in safety #KefayaWar
Posted by Soraya Monassar on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wishing you a smiley Thursday and more warmth and smiles to light up your life as we get closer and closer to Easter!...
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#عاصفة_الكبسة #عاصفة_الحزم #اليمن #صنعاء #العدوان_السعودي يستهدف المؤسسة العامة للإتصالات ومنازل مجاورة في الجراف#YemenUnderAttack #Yemen #SaudiAirStrike #KefayaWar #Sanaa
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Dear friends..Over the past few years, ALL of us living in the Arab world have been disillusioned, disappointed and...
Posted by Sara Ishaq on Friday, 3 April 2015

#KefayaWar #OurYemen After sleepless nights she decided to ignore the bombs.By Ethar Alshami http://t.co/sMrdPoxU4P
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Because we deserve to live in peace #kefayawar #ouryemen 
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مكة المكرمة تحت التهديد ال سعود للتدمير الكعبة و تدمير بيت رسول الله والكعبة #السعودية #ksa

خطة لتدمير "مسقط" للنبي محمد واستبدالها قصر جديد ومراكز تجارية الفاخرة!!

بداء العد التنازلى لخطة ال سعود  بنى قيناقع  اكبر ثلاث قبائل يهودية فى المدينة المنورة و لم ينسوا دخول رسزل الله و المسلمين الى المدينة و حصارهم لهم فهما يضمرون الحقد والكراهية لكل مسلم حتى الان,,,,

وكانت خطتهم من نفاقهم للرسول وحتى الان و تدمير الاسلام والكعبة وان طال الامد  وانشاء مجمع تجارى وقصور لهم 
 اولا تم ردم مسقط راس سيدنا محمد رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم بالرخام وبناء قصر ملكى لبنى صهيون , المشروع مقدم على ان يتم مشروع تحت اسم توسعة الحرم المكى من اجل المسلمين بمباركة كلاب السلفية  شيوخ السلاطين !!!

و الفرق بين ما كانت علية مكة وبيت الله الحرام وكيف اصبح




وكما هو موضح افى الصورة كيف اصبح بيت الله الحرام منتجع سياحى فاخر و تم هدم جميع الاثار الاسلامية بسبب كلاب الوهابية المتحكمين فى بيت الله وبيت المسلمين اجمعين هما وبنى صهيون

واغلب الفنادق حول الحرام المكى والمسجد الحرام ملك ال سعود اكبر بطن من بطون يهود العرب كما ذكر وتم سرقة ارضى المواطنين باسم الدين و قليل من المال من اجل بناء ناطحات السحاب و برج الساعة!!!

سؤال محير اتفاق علماء الوهابية الارهابيين على ان اى اثار للرسول والصحابة يجب ان يهدم و تمت الموافقة على بناء برج الساعة لكى تحمل اثار ال سعود!!!؟
و البرج ما هو الا نسخة من برج ساعة لندن بيج بين!!

قارن بنظرك هل هناك اى فرق!!؟؟ 

وليس مفاجاة ان تكون الشركة المنفذة للمشروع ساعة بنى صهيون هى شركة صهيونية
تم حفر انفاق ما بين الجبال للتوسع و تم استخدم متفجرات مما ادى الى تغيرات فى القشرة الارضية مما ادى الى تغير مسارات مياة زمزم  وبالفعل تغير طعم ماء زمزم وقل بنسبة 27% !!

اما بيت رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلام كما هو واضح مكانة فى الصورة تم بناء مكتب تابع للسطلة الوهابية الارهابية

وحتى غار حراء تم اغلاقة من عصابة الوهابية على انة اثار من سيدنا محمد صلى الله علية وسلم ويجب ان يمحى!!

House of Prophet Mohammad. After marrige Prophat Mohammad Lived in this house with Hazrat Khateeja R.A.

و هل تعلم ان من يقوم بتامين الحجاج هم شركة صهيوينة متعاقدة مع ال سعود واسمة G4S
وهى شركة عالمية و علية لغط مشاكل كبيرة فى كل دول اوربا بسبب انتهاكات حقوق الانسان !! و هى لا تفرق عن شركة بلاك وتر الامريكية صاحبة جرائم سجن ابو غريب!!
و كما تساهم الشركة فى مساعد الاحتلال الصهيونى فى القدس و تعمل مع الموساد و الشركة تم تاسيسة على ايدى ظباط سابقين من الموساد الصهيونى !!

السؤال كيف تحمى حجاج بيت الله الحرام و الامكان المقدسة بشركة صهيوينة !!! فكر قليلا!!

الحجّاج في حماية الشيطان.. شركة G4S لخدمة السعودية واسرائيل!!

    الوهابيون آل سعود أحد أنشط أفرع الصهيونية العربية تفضلوا وطالعوا كيف هؤلاء الصهاينة الوهابيون الحجّاج في حماية الشيطان.. شركة G4S لخدمة السعودية واسرائيل! 

    السؤال لمصلحة من ان يمحى تاريخ بداية الاسلام والاثار الاسلامية وبيت رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم!!؟؟
    هل ال سعود بنى صهيون يملكون بيت الحرام!!
    اين السلمين 2 مليار مسلم ولا احد يتكلام!!

    يتابع ان شاء الله.....


    The Syrian child refugee whose photo hit a nerve online #Syria

    It is an everyday occurrence at border crossings out of Syria, but for four-year-old Marwan, it must have been terrifying.
    After being temporarily separated from his family at the remote Hagallat crossing on Sunday, he was found by staff from the UN's refugee agency.
    Andrew Harper, the head of the UN refugee agency UNHCR in Jordan, took the picture and posted it on Twitter, where it hit a nerve with many users.
    It was widely reposted online.
    But however heartbreaking the picture was, Mr Harper said, it was not unusual in the "chaos and confusion" of refugee border crossings.
    Most refugee groups were headed by mothers bringing several children and all their possessions out of Syria, he said.
    When the gates open, there is a crush as desperate refugees surge forward. Every day, children get lost.
    With UNHCR staff searching for them when the surge abates, they typically do not spend too long on their own.
    Mr Harper said Marwan was taken across and reunited with his mother about 10 minutes after this picture was taken.
    On Tuesday, he posted another photo on Twitter that shows Marwan was at the back of a group of refugees when he was met by UNHCR staff.

    Photograph showing Marwan among group of other Syrian refugees crossing border with Jordan (16 February 2014)The inset image shows Marwan was not far behind his family when met by UNHCR staff
    "He is separated - he is not alone," Mr Harper added.
    Crossing the border is a nervous time for the children and their families - one more trauma in the hellish journey from destroyed lives in Syria to an uncertain future as refugees in a foreign land.
    Most of the refugees crossing at Hagallat - which lacks even a proper road - came from Homs and al-Quaryatayn, and it was likely Marwan was from there too, said Mr Harper.
    He was just one of about 1,000 people who crossed into Jordan on that day alone.
    There are now 600,000 Syrian refugees registered with the UNHCR in Jordan, part of an estimated 2.4 million across the region as a whole.
    Smiling Syrian refugee children just inside the Jordanian borderA short distance inside Jordan, the mood of the children improved
    Malala Yousafzai visiting the border and helping refugees with their bags, as part of her campaign for children's educationMalala Yousafzai visited the border as part of her campaign for children's education
    It is not clear what the future holds for young Marwan.
    But with the mood of other refugee children one of relief once they cross the border, it is hoped that he, too, might look forward to a brighter future.
    Malala Yousafzai, the teenager who survived a Taliban assassination attempt in Pakistan and has become a global campaigner for children's education, was also at the border on Sunday.
    She witnessed emotional scenes at the border and, with her father, helped several refugees cross the no-man's land that separates the two nations.
    The Malala Fund is teaming up with local Jordanian and Syrian organisations to help Syrian children get an education.


    Sectarian war in #Egypt began #Shia #salfi

    This afternoon in a small village in Giza called Abu Muslam a mob of angry locals , 3000 attacked the houses of the Shiites killing not less than 4 and injuring dozens. Not less than 5 houses owned by other Egyptians who happened to be Shiites were also torched.

    Mosireen Interviews Hazem Barakat And People Began to React Somehow "Graphic +18"

    Do You like it dear God؟

    Today was the 15th night of Shabaan ,a holy night for all Muslims and one of the most famous Egyptian Shiite sheiks Hassan Shehata was visiting one of the families there. As soon as Shehata was known to be there the angry mob attacked the house he was staying at throwing Molotov cocktails and then attacking th house itself. 
    The house when the mob showed up
    Shehata was stabbed and killed as well dragged in the streets. 
    Shehata was accused by Sunni clerics in Egypt of spreading Shiism in Egypt. They
    According to the villagers who did not hide their pride with what they did in front of the media they prevented those bad Shiites from debauchery and urfi marriage orgy !!!!!!
    This is the true unjust village. Unjust village is the name of a novel I once read about Jerusalem after the trial of Jesus.
    This is a simple thing to summarize things but it is more than that. People attacked the Shiites stabbed them and dragged them through the narrow the streets of the village in front of the police force that came late and yet did not stop the on going public lynching. Amazingly the police did not try to disperse that mob not with a singly tear gas bomb !! It could have saved lives.
    The CSF was there but did not stop anything
    By the way the locals dragged the bodies and threw to the CSF vehicles and policemen that piled the bodies with no respect at all. Here is our great police disrespecting the dead Egyptians as usual.
    One of the victims who were killed in front of police

    According to Hazem Barakat , the young citizen journalist who witnessed the whole affair what happened tonight was actually the result of incitement that started by the Salafist Sheikhs in the village from 3 weeks ago against the Shiites families. 
    I am sorry I will not be able to show all the photos or videos taken by citizen journalist Hazem Barakat who broke the story to the whole world through twitter.I chose the least graphic. I apologized in advance and I warn you that it is graphic. 
    There are 40 Shiite families in the small village according to Shiite activist Bahaa Anwar who holds president Morsi the responsibility of that attack after the huge sectarian incitement rhetoric used against Shiites  the Salafist and Jihadist sheiks in the Pro-Syria conference. Morsi , the president of all Egyptians including Egyptian Shiites was attending the conference and did not reject that sectarian talk. Well I am not surprised because the same language has been always used against the Christians and Shiites in Misr 25 , the official TV channel of the Muslim Brotherhood as well the other Salafist channels like Al Nas channel.
    Tonight Al Nas Channel TV host justified the attack of the Shiite citizens including Hassan Shehata claiming that the famous Shiite cleric used to insult Prophet Mohamed's wife and so on !! I do not think Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" will approve what happened by all measures.
    By the way Salafist Facebooks are bragging and even are claiming responsibility , here is screen capture below. "Life has become Salafist" is happy that Hassan Shehata and bunch of his friends were killed by their brothers "I do not see Salafists in the videos" who threw their bodies to the CSF !! 
    A Salafist Facebook Page announces the operation !!
    This is the worst and loudest sectarian incident involving Shiite in Egypt.

    Update 25/6/2013

    Iran: Egypt’s sectarian killings ‘contradict tenets of Islam’
    The killing of four Shi’ite Egyptians near Cairo earlier this week violated the “tenets of Islam,” Iran’s foreign ministry said on Monday.
    “The Islamic Republic of Iran denounces any act of extremism and violence which contradicts Islam and the tenets of Islam,” read a foreign ministry statement published by the website of English-language news channel, Press TV.
    “Iran is certain that the sensible and revolutionary Egyptian nation, through its prudent leaders ... will also exercise vigilance vis-à-vis plots to foment discord among various schools of Islam,” it added.
    Around 90 percent of Iranians belong to the Shiite denomination, whereas in Egypt the figure is estimated at no more than 2 percent, according to Reuters.
    The four worshippers had gathered on Sunday at the home of a prominent Shi’ite on the outskirts of Cairo to mark a religious festival when the house was attacked by a hostile crowd, which accused them of heresy and beat them to death.

    Egypt’s prime minister condemned the ”heinous crime.”
    But the Egyptian presidency stands accused by Egyptian Shiite leaders and liberal opposition of promoting sectarian anger over the war in Syria as a means of appeasing its own hardline Sunni allies.
    (With Reuters)