#Geek Vs Geek: Is There a Case for Outlawing Toy #Drones ?

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In the last few years, drones have become a household word — first as robotic weapons of war in the Middle East, then for domestic surveillance and even package delivery. But Rick thinks the biggest threat comes from you and me — ordinary folks who fly drones as a hobby or a pastime. Should drones be regulated, licensed, or outright banned? Dave and Rick don’t see eye to eye on the topic.
Once a month, eHow Tech editor Dave Johnson faces off against Rick Broida, who writes about technology for CNET, PC World, and Wired. Follow along as they tackle this question from opposing corners.
Dave JohnsonDave: I know where you’re going with this topic, so forgive me for rolling my eyes at you before you even lay out your initial argument. I have two drones right now — the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and the DJI Phantom FC40. They are easy to fly (unlike the twitchy radio-controlled planes and helicopters I grew up on), let you be an amateur aerial filmmaker, and are reasonably affordable. They are incredibly fun. They’re a toy that both kids and adults can share. And they are science fiction come to life. What’s not to like? Oh, wait, I can see you about to find some things to grouse about.
Rick BroidaRick: Well, obviously. Your powers of deduction are staggering. Can you also figure out which area of the sky the sun will appear in tomorrow morning? As it happens, I own the same two drones as you, along with the comparatively tiny Hubsan X4 H107. And I agree: they’re ridiculously fun. But a couple recent experiences got me thinking about the dangers of these things, like what happens if a helicopter blade slices someone’s neck. Or an out-of-control drone falls from the sky on someone’s head. Such accidents will happen, and as more people buy these “toys,” they’ll happen more often. Not to get all Chicken Little on you, but the sky will literally be falling.
The DJI Phantom drone
Dave JohnsonDave: For the love of… oh, Rick. Really? Radio-controlled airplane and helicopter enthusiasts have contended with spinning blades for about 75 years now. I am unaware of any truly serious R/C injuries in all those years. Your example of a blade slicing someone’s neck: How would that happen, exactly? It seems unlikely, to say the least, and odds are good that the motors would stall before inflicting any serious damage, even if you how managed to maneuver a drone into the danger zone. And a drone falling from the sky on someone’s head — again, is this really the best you have? In addition to the almost supernaturally high odds against such an accident ever happening, these toy drones are just too light to hurt anyone. The Parrot AR Drone, for example, weighs about 400 grams. You could drop that from orbit and it wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially since  these vehicles simply don’t “fall out of the sky.” Even if the battery dies in flight, the rotors power down slowly as the battery charge drops, which means the drone lands more or less safely, even if you fly it recklessly until it runs out of power.  You are literally making something out of nothing.
Rick BroidaRick: Wow, I haven’t seen that kind of tunnel vision since I drove under the Detroit River. It’s awfully convenient of you to cite the Parrot when you’re also flying the Phantom, which is made of hard plastic and weighs over 2.5 pounds. It also has four large, unprotected blades. Can you really not see the potential for disaster when one of these things is in the hands of an unskilled, inexperienced pilot? Just the other day, I saw a first-time flier lose control of one of the little Hubsans, which got lost in the sun and was eventually recovered about a block away. He was awfully lucky it didn’t hit someone on the way down. The odds may be low, but you said it yourself: These things are very affordable and very fun, so lots more people will be flying them. Thus, the odds go up. You’re not so good with math, are you?
The Parrot Ar.Drone Dave: It’s likewise awfully convenient of you to choose the Phantom, which is one of the heaviest (if not the heaviest) drones you can buy. Again, you’re focusing on an obscure edge case and trying to rob everyone of drone fun as a result, like some sort of Luddite Grinch. Sure, there are always rare exceptions. I’m sure you could even “weaponize” a toy drone by intentionally trying to fly it into someone or something at high speed. By the same token, I could throw a baseball through your front window. So what? What, exactly is your point? What do you want to do about the hidden dangers lurking in our drones?
Rick: Hang on a sec, I’m getting my point on the phone so it can speak to you directly, slowly and with small words. Drones. Are. Dangerous. People need to understand that these aren’t those little featherweight Syma RC helicopters that move about 3 mph and can’t withstand a slight breeze. These are fast-moving, high-flying projectiles, and few folks have experience controlling such devices. All I’m saying is, let’s temper our slobbering excitement (“Wheee! Flying toys!”) and consider the consequences. Remember those floating lanterns? Oooh, pretty. Until one catches fire mid-air and lands on someone’s roof. Before the government has to start banning drones because people got hurt or worse, how about some simple regulations to keep everyone safe? Would that be so terrible?
The Hubsan X4 droneDave: I’m not sure I’ve ever disagreed with you more about anything. And to be clear, you don’t like walnuts in brownies, so that’s a pretty high bar. To wit, is there any problem you can imagine which you think that some sort of government regulation won’t solve? You’re right: Even something as innocuous and ancient as a candle can be a danger. Is it ever-so-remotely possible that a neighbor’s floating candle lantern will burn my house down or his drone will fly through my front window? Sure. Personally, I’m willing to accept that risk and I don’t need a law protecting me from the “danger” — of candles or drones. I don’t believe that we can — or should — regulate ourselves to a 100% risk-free society. Presumably, the thought of letting people have fun without government supervision terrifies you, but if you really want to fret about something, don’t forget that many drones have cameras that can shoot stunning video. Maybe you should worry about a stranger’s drone pointing a video camera in your back window.
Rick: Don’t even get me started on that! We’ve barely said two words about the creep factor, because now Peeping Daves — sorry, Toms — can do their thing from half a mile out. And so much for a nice quiet day hiking the trails when 20 Buzz Lightdrones are zooming overhead. But I digress. In much the same way I don’t want your car plowing into mine because you think it’s unfair or annoying or whatever for the government to regulate your texting while driving, I don’t want some drunken idiot crashing his drone through my window. You need a license to drive a car and fly a plane; is it so ridiculous to suggest that for drones of a certain size or range or the like, you also need a license? The affordability, capability, and availability of these new products mandates new thinking. Bam. Put that in your drone and fly it.
Dave JohnsonDave: Kudos! You almost make some sense. To directly address your question, no, it is not ridiculous to suggest that for drones of a certain size or range require a license, and probably even some mandatory training. The devil’s in deciding where the cutoff is. I’d be in favor of regulating commercial drones, but not a toy you might buy for your kids — or for yourself. And I don’t need a time machine to know that you and I will undoubtedly disagree on where we draw that line to begin regulating. The bottom line, Rick, is that for the most part, the drones we see in the hands of our neighbors (and ourselves) are Not Dangerous. They are not going to cause property damage or bodily injury, and to assert otherwise is to focus on the tiny percentage of edge cases that sound scary but lack any real substance. Shouldn’t you be off fretting about all the other make-believe tech scares, like Toyota’s sudden un-commanded acceleration and Tesla’s exploding batteries?
Rick BroidaRick: Like sands through the hourglass, so is logic finally trickling into your brain. I don’t know what form regulation or licensing would take, or even if it would help. I only know that these are a new breed of toy that’s exploding in popularity, and whether you spend $35 on one or $500, you’re now in control of a fast-moving, highly maneuverable hunk of plastic that whips around at neck level just as easily as it does 300 feet. Accidents are waiting to happen, and I just hope I’m not the one who plows into a toddler or truck driver or geek blogger. Consider yourselves warned, geek bloggers!
Who won? We’d love to hear from you. Weigh in with your opinion in the comments, or tweet @davejoh.
What other tech topics would you like to see Dave and Rick discuss? Send your ideas to Dave via Twitter @davejoh. And if you follow Dave, he promises to come to your home and explain something techy to your dad.
Photo credits: DJI, Parrot, Hubsan, Demand Media

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#Egypt in 1911

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Egypt in  1911


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Boy Daash" thank the press after the spotlight #Daash #ISIS #Egypt

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Not "boy Daash"
"Abu Salamah ibn not", the famous media as "youthful Daash," is a young Egyptian man at the beginning of his twenties, led by the Fates to be a soldier of the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq, known as "Daash."
Young twenties who spent his life between gyms and dance to rap music at rave parties, and fondling Hkaroat Moscow lovelies through social networking sites, a desire to win over their hearts, turned his life to the contrary has launched a beard, and became a fighter in the army of the Islamic state and called himself " Abu Salamah was "Aldaasha.
"Not" thank the press after the spotlight
He graduated from school "Lycée freedom" Bahljubljs Heliopolis in 2009, received his university education in the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University, from which he graduated last year.
And became one of the most controversial figures, within the community of activists across the social networking sites, in the past few days, according to what was said by one of his followers on "Twitter."
He called Islam and his mother via his personal account on the "Twitter", to travel to Iraq even granted an apartment on the Euphrates River, pointing out that his mother, when I asked him about the owners of this apartment is that you will get it, he replied that "Daash" killed them after control regulation on these areas.
Some observers called for Abuslma, to go to Andham resistance in Gaza and the fight against the Jews, while surprised his friends by traveling outside Egypt, and participation within the ranks of the army, "Daash", and one of them said to him: "Hey pal, you Talaat Vames Islam."
The face of Islam, thanks to all the newspapers that covered the story, and tried to shed light on what he did, saying: "They call it assisted in the Islamic state, and contributed to the horn a lot to us after this."

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#Ramadan in #Egypt 's #economy is witnessing .4 shock and surprise #SISi

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SISI said that Ramadan is often a quiet month with respect to the economic aspect in Egypt, due to the preference of investors and officials to postpone any investment decisions or regulatory beyond the end of the month, which is dominated by the character of worship, but Ramadan came this year in a different direction altogether.

The month of Ramadan ended hours before several important economic events in Egypt, some of which represents a radical change in economic direction of the state.

Monitors Editor TOM most prominent economic events that dominated by the character of'' shock and surprise''

Reducing support

Approved President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the first day of the month of Ramadan, a draft of the state budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015, the total budget deficit stood at about 240 billion pounds, equivalent to about 10 percent of GDP.

The president issued a decree, the law the new budget, which includes among other expenses amounted to about 789 billion pounds, and the total public revenues amounted to about 549 billion pounds, compared with a projected deficit during the current fiscal year 2013-2014 amounted to some 243 billion pounds, equivalent to about 12 percent of the GDP.

According to statements by the Minister of Finance, has been supporting the rationalization of petroleum products to save about 44 billion pounds to 100 billion pounds during the new fiscal year by moving prices rather than 144 billion pounds in the current fiscal year.

Expenses have also been reduced by about 18 billion pounds to 789 billion pounds in the budget approved expenses compared to 802 billion pounds in the draft budget, which was rejected by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

He explained that he has been reduced expenses by reducing item wages by about 1.2 billion pounds and reduced item purchase goods and services by about 2.5 billion pounds and cut benefits by about 2.5 billion pounds, and transfers about 12 billion pounds.

And monitor the Editor TOM decline targeted support for 8 other sectors in the state budget ( fuel is not alone .. the government cut support 8 new sectors in the budget )

Increase the price of fuel, electricity and gas

The government approved the decision to raise the price of all types of fuel, where it was increasing the price of 80 liters of gasoline to 1.60 pounds instead of 90 pounds, and raise the price of 92 liters of gasoline to 2 pounds and 60 piasters instead of 1 and 85 pounds penny.

It also is raising the price of 95 liters of gasoline to 6.65 pounds instead of 5.65 and raise the price of diesel to 1.80 pounds instead of 1.10 pounds.

The government approved the increase in electricity prices from the start of the current bill for the month of July, in support of a plan to rationalize electricity within 5 years.

The Minister of the electricity that the average real price per kilowatt-hour currently up to about 47 pounds and the average selling price of about 22.6 penny, but in the context of restructuring in the first year would be the average selling price of 29.2 penny, and in the second 35.2 penny, and the third 40 piasters, and the fourth penny 45.5, 50.8 and fifth penny, and will show a simple profit margin for the first time in the electricity sector during the fifth year of restructuring.

The minister pointed out that the support of electricity this year after restructuring of 27.4 billion pounds, instead of the 38.7 billion pounds, if he had not been initiated in the restructuring.

And increased natural gas prices for cement factories, steel and fertilizers, following the decision to increase prices for homes in the past month.

Following the decisions of the increase in fuel prices, transport prices witnessed a remarkable heights, whilst recognizing the provincial transportation tariff increase by about 10 percent.

The network predicted Bloomberg News remarkable economic surges in the prices of goods and services in Egypt after the decision to increase the price of fuel and electricity.

Taxes taxes taxes

Sisi issued a decree amending some provisions of the Income Tax Law promulgated by Law No. 91 of 2005 and the law of stamp tax promulgated by Law No. 111 of 1980.

Included Act Amendments of income tax on capital gains on stock exchange transactions by about 10 percent, also approved a tax on the dividends of the shares at a price of 10 percent to be reduced to 5 percent of the shareholders long-term with equity of not less than 25 percent as strategic shareholders.

The project is also not subjected bonus shares distributed by companies listed on the stock exchange to its shareholders for the tax on the distributions.

It also included amendments to the Income Tax Add residing outside Egypt is supposed to pay them for taxes in case if Egypt was the center of his business or industrial or professional.

The cabinet approved amendments to the law on real estate tax, expected to yield up to about 3 pounds 3.5 billion annually when the full application of the law.

Also issued Sisi, a decree increasing taxes on liquor and cigarettes, to varying degrees, to announce after the cigarette companies to increase domestic and foreign prices of their products in response to Resolution.

He also revealed the draft general budget of the state, the government to amend the system increase in wages during the current fiscal year (2014-2015), which introduced the first of July.

The draft general budget of the state that among the amendments adopted by the government, modified system where the increase in wages was canceled tax exemption on the special allowances and stop the annexation of the basic curdled after 5 years.

The largest decline in foreign reserves

Drop in net foreign exchange reserves to Egypt to lose at the end of June, 597 million U.S. dollars, and the biggest loss recorded in 2014.

The central bank said that the cash reserves stood at 16.687 billion dollars by the end of June (initially) compared to 17.284 billion dollars in the month of May.

The Egyptian foreign reserves of foreign currencies fell by almost 205 million dollars during the month of May.

Surprise interest rates

Committee decided to monetary policy of the Central Bank of Egypt raise the overnight deposit and lending rates for one night for the first time in 2014 by 100 basis points (1 percent) to arrive at 9.25 percent and 10.25 percent respectively.

The Bloomberg network considered economic decision CBE surprise, following the decisions of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on increasing fuel prices and taxes on cigarettes and fuel.

Bloomberg pointed out that the central bank's decision came after the announcement of the Egyptian government to raise energy prices threatens to increase the prices of all commodities in Egypt.


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That how Egyptian (devils) kids Treatment of a lion #EGYPT

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That how Egyptian kids of (devils) 
Treatment of a lion !!

In fact No words can explain! What the lion and his wife did for them,nothing ! 
why that happiness the kids of (devils) ? WHAT WRONG FUCKEN WITH THEM ! ;(

And that fucken garden watching them! sun of pitch  like nothing happened 


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The Egyptians Eid al-Fitr #Egypt 2014

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first reaction of American girl 3 years old when she hear Azan of #islam #USA

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Anyone who's ever visited a predominitely Muslim country has probably heard the call to prayer. Most recently, in the news, there was a couple who sued over the call to prayer. They didn't want the Azan to interrupt their vacation, regardless that they were guests in a foreign country. Wether you love it or hate it, your opinion is molded by the influences of your life. But, what if you could hear it for the first time without bias? Without prejudice? Without any knowledge of what it meant?
What if you were an innocent 3 year old American child? The world still holding all it's mystery and goodness, you're still able to feel hope and faith without fear. What must it be like to hear the Azan in that state? Surely it must be wonderous. 
Luckily we have the chance to see that happen. In a video, popular on youtube, you can see her face. Stunned she looks around, trying to understand what she's hearing and where it's coming from, as she asked her father to explain. Her face hold so much emotion and fascination. She isn't offended. She isn't indifferent. She is enthralled by what she hears. At one moment she stops with a look on her tiny little face that is indescribable. Searching, both inside and out, for what it is she's hearing and feeling. It's pure. 
To watch it now, I can feel the amazement. And maybe, this little 3 year old girl can teach us all something. To forget the things we've been conditioned to think. To stop and listen. To feel. 

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Can You Do Real Work With the 30-Year-Old IBM 5150?

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When IBM released its first personal computer, the 5150, 30 years ago, it was deliberately drab--black, gray, and low-key. That’s because IBM intended the 5150 to be a serious machine for people doing serious work

So how better to celebrate this important anniversary than by using the 5150 for what it was meant to do? Working on a 5150 seems to be a tall task in today's vastly accelerated computing world, however. Could a PC that’s as old as I am manage to email, surf the Web, produce documents, edit photos, and even tweet?
I sequestered myself for four days amid boxes of 5.25-inch floppy drives and serial cables to find out. The answer to my question turned out to be both yes and no--but more interesting was all the retro-computing magic I had to perform. In the end, my experiment proved two things:
  • People now use the PC for many things that weren't even conceived of in 1981, and the 5150, unsurprisingly, is woefully underpowered for those advanced tasks. But when you use it for the core computing tasks the 5150 was designed for, IBM's first PC has still got game.
  • Early floppy discs were just too darned small!

Day 1: Setting Up

I was interested in spending more time with the Model 5150 because it's the foundation of so much modern computing. For the past 30 years, the platform created by the IBM PC has served as the basis for personal computing innovation and progress. Today, most people use PCs that retain some level of compatibility with a computer system released three decades ago.
When I first set out to test the mettle of the 5150, I realized that this special challenge called for a unique test environment. I couldn't pull this off at my house; I would be too tempted to use modern computers as a crutch. I needed a secret bunker, a distant location where I could wrestle with vintage technology unhindered and uninterrupted. (Did I mention that I have a one-year-old at my house?)
After careful thought, I sequestered myself in an infrequently used room in the upstairs corner of my parents' house. The bulk of Day 1 consisted of moving equipment over. I needed to take not only the PC itself, but also what seemed like 15 metric tons of supporting hardware that I could use for repairs in case the PC broke. Among those supplies were a few dozen ISA expansion cards (including spare video cards, serial cards, and the like), a couple extra 5.25-inch floppy drives, some tools, and a box of assorted cables.

Day 2: Trying to Fix the Thing

Can You Do Real Work With the 30-Year-Old IBM 5150?

Day 2 began with a general survey of the PC. The first thing I did was open the case and assess what was inside. In the PC's five ISA expansion slots, I found a CGA video card, a memory expansion card, a floppy controller card, and a serial card for communicating with mice and other peripherals. For storage, my PC came equipped with a lone, full-height 5.25-inch 360KB DS/DD floppy drive. Thankfully, someone had maxed out the RAM at 640KB (yep, that's a massive 640 kilobytes--roughly 0.032 percent of the RAM on today's low-end PCs). When I looked for the processor, I found a surprise: One of this system's previous owners had replaced the Intel 8088 CPU with a Zilog V20 CPU.

Can You Do Real Work With the 30-Year-Old IBM 5150?

The V20, originally designed by NEC, was a pin-compatible enhancement of the 8088 that could run certain programs 30 percent faster than the 8088 could--even though it ran at the same 4.77MHz clock speed. But it wouldn’t be historically accurate to run such a speed demon for this challenge, so I replaced the V20 with an 8088 chip that I had in my collection.
Next, I hooked the machine to my period-authentic IBM 5153 CGA monitor and booted it up. I briefly had some trouble with the video connector on the CGA board, but after I cleaned it a bit, everything worked fine. Then I encountered the next obstacle: a bad RAM chip. The POST error code told me exactly which RAM chip was bad (okay, I cheated and looked it up on the Internet using a netbook I had with me). Luckily, this socketed chip (a 4164C, to be precise) could be easily swapped out--but I didn't have a replacement on hand.
Despite the malfunctioning RAM, the machine seemed to work well. The 5150 contains, as the Apple II did, a full version of BASIC in ROM that loads right up if you don't boot from a disk.

Can You Do Real Work With the 30-Year-Old IBM 5150?

Targeted mostly at computers without floppy drives (the lowest-priced 5150 sold with 16KB of RAM and no drives), this version of BASIC could save programs only to cassette tapes.
You read that right: Like other personal computers of the era, the 5150 came equipped with a cassette port on the back.

Can You Do Real Work With the 30-Year-Old IBM 5150?

With the appropriate cable, users could save and load programs from a standard Philips compact cassette tape. The tech was slow and poorly implemented on the PC, but cassette players (and tapes) were orders of magnitude cheaper than floppy drives in 1981.

Stuck in 40 Columns

Once I booted into BASIC, I noticed that the machine's display was stuck in 40-column mode (that is, capable of showing only 40 columns of letters on the screen at once). As a business machine, the 5150 supported an 80-column display. Switching it was possible, but I didn't remember how.
Instead of a software-based BIOS, IBM equipped the 5150 with a series of dip switches on the motherboard for configuring basic system parameters, such as what kind of video card you're using, how much RAM the system has, and how many floppy drives are installed. I saw that all the dip switches on this PC's motherboard were set correctly for 80-column CGA, so I was stumped.
Next I booted into PC DOS 3.3 (PC DOS is what IBM called its version of MS-DOS) off a floppy disk. Still 40 columns. Then I remembered that there was some way to change the video mode in DOS. I thumbed through an authentic PC DOS 3.3 paper manual to find the solution: A DOS command called "MODE" sets the video mode. The mode I needed was called "CG80," which set up a color, 80-column mode in DOS. Yes, 80 columns at last!
Somewhere along the way, I decided to add a second 360KB floppy drive to make my journey easier. Thinking ahead, I had brought a half-height unit (pulled from another PC years ago) along from my house the day before. Doing serious work on a single-floppy-drive machine involves a lot of disk swapping, which is never fun.

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