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 I Bring all what in the social media Today about Yemen war

A building destroyed after a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen's capital Sanaa (AFP)
A building destroyed after a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen's capital Sanaa (AFP)


EgyptAir Flight 804 vanishes from radar with 66 people aboard

EgyptAir Flight 804 vanishes from radar with 66 people aboard

EgyptAir Flight 804 vanishes from radar with 66 people aboard

The plane was flying at 37,000 feet when it lost contact overnight above the Mediterranean Sea, the airline tweeted. French President Francois Hollande said he was told the flight crashed, but Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sharif Fathi said he preferred to classify the flight as missing.
"We do not deny there is a possibility of terrorism or deny the possibility of technical fault," Fathi said at a Cairo news conference. "I will continue to use the term missing plane until we find any debris."
For now, finding the airplane and any possible survivors is the priority, authorities said.
Somber relatives gathered in Cairo and Paris airports, seeking word on their loved ones. They were taken to special centers at both airports, where translators and psychiatric support awaited. In Cairo's airport, dozens of relatives paced anxiously in a building set aside for families. Some shouted at photographers taking pictures of them, while others berated officials over the perceived lack of information.
Live updates: Missing flight MS804

Latest developments

-- Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos told reporters that search operations have not yet turned up anything.
-- The airplane "swerved and then plunged" before descending into the Mediterranean, the Greek minister told reporters.
-- Greek controllers tried to reach EgyptAir Flight 804 about 10 miles before it left the country's airspace and for about 90 seconds after and received no response, the head of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority told Greek broadcaster ANT1 TV.
-- Prosecutors in Paris have opened an investigation into the disappearance of the plane, the office said in a statement. "No hypothesis is privileged or pushed aside for the moment," the statement said.

What happened

The flight seemed to be proceeding normally until it approached Egyptian airspace. Greek controllers talked to the pilot when the plane was near the Greek island of Kea at 37,000 feet at an air speed of 519 mph. Everything seemed fine at that point.
At 3:27 a.m. local time, shortly before the aircraft was scheduled to exit Greek airspace, controllers tried to reach the pilots to transfer control to Cairo authorities. Despite repeated attempts, they received no response, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority said. The plane passed into Egyptian airspace two minutes later. Forty seconds later, radar contact was lost, the authority said.
Weather conditions were clear at the time,meteorologist Pedram Javaheri said.




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(al-Ahed News) ~ About a week ago, Saudi warplanes committed a terrible massacre against a group of Yemeni fishermen on the Island of A’qban in the Province of al-Hadida, killing around 150 fishermen. 

بلاغ صحفي وتضامن#اوقفوا_قتل_الصيادين
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#اوقفوا_قتل_الصيادين مجزرة صيادين الخوخة إلى قائمة مجازر الساحل الغربي .. والنوايا تكشفت لماذا ؟http://yalmashhad.com/news/2418
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#اوقفوا_قتل_الصيادينال سعود المجرمون..لا يمضي يوم إلا ويقتلون المستضعفين في يمن الإيمان والحكمة.كل يوم شهداء كل يوم جر...
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80 dead as temperatures soar in Egypt

80  been dead 
 60 till now been dead 

Twenty-one people have died and 466 others were hospitalised with exhaustion as soaring temperatures and high humidity hit Cairo and other parts of Egypt, the health ministry said Monday.
The victims, who all died on Sunday, succumbed as temperatures reached highs of 47 degrees Celsius (117 Fahrenheit), in conditions made less bearable by elevated humidity levels.

Fifteen people died in Cairo, four in the western province of Marsa Matruh and two in Upper Egypt's Qena province, the ministry said in a statement. Those who died, including seven women, were all aged over 60.

Sixty-six people were admitted to hospital after suffering from exhaustion, including 37 who are still under observation, it added.

"There is a big rise in temperature compared with previous years. But the problem is the humidity which is affecting people more," said ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel Ghaffar.

"Long exposure under the sun is a killer."
Meteorological officials confirmed that temperatures in the capital and some parts of the country were higher then average.
"The temperature is higher by four to five degrees than what is usually seen, and the humidity is very high this month," Waheed Soudi, head of analysis in the Egyptian Meteorological Authority told AFP.
"The peak temperature in the shade was 38 degrees Celsius in Cairo on Sunday, which means it was 47 degrees under the sun or in places with bad ventilation."
On Monday, the temperature touched 37 degrees Celsius by late morning, with state media reporting that the heatwave was expected to last until the middle of August.
Although it is not uncommon to see summer temperatures in the high 30s throughout Egypt, it is rare for humidity levels to remain elevated during excessively hot weather.


3 UAE soldiers die in Saudi-led By Yemen army

3 UAE soldiers die in Saudi-led coalition push on Yemen’s provincial capital

The Saudi-led coalition ground force fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen has captured the capital of Abyan province, after launching preliminary airstrikes and a series of coordinated attacks on strategic locations still held by the rebels.

Empowered by Saudi-supplied tanks and armored vehicles, the forces supporting the exiled President Hadi have recaptured Zinjibar, the Houthi-held capital of Abyan province. The latest success has come due to an ongoing air bombardment campaign by the coalition air force, as well as fresh heavy weapons supplies to the anti-Houthi forces over the past weeks.

#اليمن: خمسة شهداء في القصف السعودي و #الإمارات تؤكد مقتل ثلاثة من جنودها #الميادين http://mdn.tv/qE1
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Strange sounds in the sky Horn of The Sky

Strange sounds in the sky
  Horn of The Sky 

يقول الله سبحانه وتعالى: يَوْمَ تَرْجُفُ الرَّاجِفَةُ (6) تَتْبَعُهَا الرَّادِفَةُ (7) 

سورة النازعات

1 ـ ( ونفخ في الصور فصعق من في السموات ومن في الارض الا من شا اللّه ثم نفخ فيه اخرى فاذا هم قيام ينظرون ) الزمر ـ68.
2 ـ ( ويوم ينفخ في الصور ففزع من في السموات ومن في الارض الا من شا اللّه وكل اتوه داخرين الا من شا اللّه ) النمل ـ87.
3 ـ ( ونفخ في الصور فاذا هم من الاجداث الى ربهم ينسلون ) يس ـ51.
4 ـ ( فـاذا نـفخ في الصور نفخة واحدة وحملت الارض والجبال فدكتا دكة واحدة ) الحاقة ـ13 ـ14.
5 ـ ( فاذا نفخ في الصور فلا انساب بينهم يومئذ ولا يتسائلون ) المؤمنون ـ101.
6 ـ ( ونفخ في الصور فجمعناهم جمعا ) الكهف ـ99.
7 ـ ( يوم ينفخ في الصور ونحشر المجرمين يؤمئذ زرفا ) طه ـ102.
8 ـ ( يوم ينفخ في الصور فتاتون افواجا ) النبا ـ18.
9 ـ ( قوله الحق وله الملك يوم ينفخ في الصور ) انعام ـ73.
10 ـ ( ونفخ في الصور ذلك يوم الوعيد ) ق ـ20.
11 ـ ( ان كانت الا صيحة واحدة فاذا هم جميع لدينا محضرون ) يس ـ53.
12 ـ ( ما ينظرون الا صيحة واحدة تاخذهم وهم يخصمون ) يس ـ49.
13 ـ ( وما ينظر هؤلا الا صيحة واحدة مالها من فواق ) ص ـ15.
14 ـ ( يوم يسمعون الصيحة بالحق ذلك يوم الخروج ) ق ـ42.
15 ـ ( فاذا نقر في الناقور # فذلك يومئذ يوم عسير ) المدثر ـ8 ـ9.
16 ـ ( فاذا جات الصاخة # يوم يفر المر من اخيه ) عبس 33ـ ـ34.
17 ـ ( القارعة مالقارعة # وما ادارك مالقارعة # يوم يكون الناس كالفراش المبثوث ) القارعة ـ1 ـ4.
18 ـ ( فانما هي زجرة واحدة فاذا هم ينظرون ) الصافات ـ19.

VIDEO clips from around the world, including Australia, have captured an evil sounding ‘trumpet’ noise coming from the sky — but no one can explain exactly what it is.
A number of people have filmed the bizarre sound over the past 10 years with the latest coming from Germany.
In the clip, shot last month, a young child can be seen frozen with fear after the strange sound boomed from the sky.
Strange Sounds Map with Youtube Videos

List of Strange Sounds in the Sky

May 5, 2015, USA – Strange noises in the sky of Kentucky Video 
May 5 2015, Canada – Strange noises in the sky are back in Terrace Video
May 5 2015, Nothern Ireland –  Ringing noises baffle residents of Belfast Video
April 29, 2015, Iceland – Strange weird trumpet sounds in sky of Iceland 2015 Video
April 28 2015, USA – Strange Wisconsin sky noise Video
April 25 2015, Canada – Strange Sounds Regina Saskatchewan Video
April 21 2015, Argentina – Unexplained noises in Salta Video
April 15 2015, USA – Loud noises in San Francisco Video
April 7 2015, USA – Sounds of apocalypse in Jersey City, NJ Video
April 5 2015, USA – Strange weird rumbling sounds in sky of Colorado Video
April 5 2015, Russia – Strange noises Video
April 4 2015, Chile – Weird noises in Puerto Montt Video
April 4 2015, Japan -Strange Sounds Heard in the Skies Video
April 4 2015, Germany – Strange Sounds in Germany Video
April 2 2015, USA – Strange sounds in Detroit Video
April 2015, Around the Wolrd – Unidentified strange noise phenomenon VIDEO
March 27 2015, USA – Really weird noise at night Video
March 27 2015, USA – Strange UFO sounds heard in New Jersey Video
March 16 2015, Norway – Baffling noise rattles Oslo Video
March 3 2015, USA – Strange sound in West Philly’s sky Video and here
March 1 2015, The Netherlands – Weird noises from the sky heard in Amsterdam Video
February 28 2015, USA – Roaring sound in Ottumwa, Iowa Video
February 10 2015, UK – Strange sounds trumpets sounds dogs going mad Video
February 1 2015, Brazil – Strange sounds in the sky in Minas Gerais Video
January 29 2015, The Netherlands – STRANGE SOUND FROM THE SKY 2015 Video
January 25 2015, Germany – Weird noise at night in Lubeck Video
January 17 2015, Canada – Strange sounds in Brampton, Ontario Video and here
January 5 2015, USA – Strange noise in the sky over Hayward, California Video
January 1 2015, Canada – Strange Sounds baffle Vaughan in Ontario Video
December 14 2014, USA – Humming noise near Harden Way Video
December 4 2014, USA – Strange Sky Noise Michigan Video
November 29 2014, USA – Loud Bang in Croydon area Video
October 25 2014, USA – Weird noises in the sky … Haarp? in South California Video
October 19 2014, USA – Strange noises coming from the sky in Sterling, Colorado Video
October 16 2014, Croatia – HAARP sounds over Osijek Video
September 20 2014, USA – Booms from sky Video
September 13 2014, USA – Strange sounds Louisiana Video
August 20 2014, USA – Indianapolis strange noises Video and Here
July 22 2014, Canada – Strange Sounds from Sky recorded in CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO Video
June and July 2014, USA – Unidentified Strange Train like Horn noise Video
March 19 2014, USA – Humming/whirring noise from sky of Philly Video
March 18 2014, USA – Strange noise in the sky San Antorio Video
February 2014, Around the World – Unidentified Strange Noises Video
February 3 2014, Belarus – Weird! Noises From The Sky Video
February 2 2015, USA – Weird humming noise in Campbellsville, Kentucky Video
January 26 2014, USA – Strange noises in NE Oklahoma Video
January 22 2014, Greece – Strange Sounds Video
January 9 2014, USA – Strange sound in the sky Video
January 6 2014, USA – Strange Roaring Noise in Moore OK Video
January 20 2014, USA – Weird noises in Michigan Video
December 3 2013, USA – Night with strange sounds in Merced, California Video
August 29 2013, Canada – Strange Sounds in Terrace, BC Video Explained?
July 23 2013, USA - Strange Sounds Over Central Florida Video
July 1 2013, Canada – Strange Sound Triggers Air Raid Sirens Video
June 12 2013, Canada – Scary strange sounds in Oshawa, Ontario Video
May 24 2013, USA - Extremely scary sounds in Albuquerque Video
April 2 2013, USA - Strange noises in Troy, Michigan Video
March 6 2013, USA - Strange Sounds Heard Over Florham Park, New Jersey Video
December 12 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Over 7-10 Counties – Video
November 18 2012, UK – Strange noises in Coventry Video
November 18 2012, USA – Strange Noise In Sky Monroe, Michigan Video
November 2 2012, USA – Strange Humming/Rumbling in Arkansas Video
September 20 2012, USA – Strange Noise Monroe, MI Video
September 20 2012, New Zealand – More Strange Sounds Heard In Christchurch Video
September 8 2012, USA – Strange Sound Heard Over Hillsborough River near Tampa Video
June 18 2012, Brazil – Weird noise over Guara, Brazil Video
April 15 2012, USA – Strange Noise in Sky in Michigan Video
April 15 2012, The Netherlands – Unexplained noise in the sky of Montfort Video
March 22 2012, USA – Clintonville: Wis. town seeks origin of loud, strange sounds Video
February 20 2012, Brazil – Weird noise near Rio de Janeiro Video
February 10 2012, Finland -Sounds of the apocalypse in Tammela Video
February 7 2012, USA – Strange sounds in Denver Video
January 31 2012, USA – McHenry county earthquake – strange sound in Wisconsin Video and Video
January 31 2012, UK – Strange noise London Video
January 26 2012, USA – Strange hum in Illinois Video, Video
January 25 2012, USA – Strange sounds in Southern California Video
January 24 2012, Canada – Strange noises reported around North Battleford, Saskatchewan – Video
January 23 2012, Romania – Strange sound in the City of Oradea Video
January 23 2012, Borneo – Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan VideoVideoLink
January 23 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Near Buffalo, NY Video
January 22 2012, Canada – Creepy Sounds in Sky over Pickering, Ontario Video
January 22 2012, USA – Strange sound 2012 in southern California Video
January 22 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Over Newark, NJ Video, Video
January 22 2012, Czech Republic – Strange sounds in Chropyne – Video
January 21 2012, France – Strange sound / Sons étranges Video
January 21 2012, Canada – Strange & Scarry Sounds in King City, Ontario Video
January 21 2012, UK – Strange sounds in London/Hertfordshire Video
January 21 2012, USA – Mysterious Sound heard in Evanston, IL Video
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January 20 2012, Czech Republic – Noise in Prag Video
January 20 2012, Germany – Strange noises Earth groaning in Germany – Video
January 20 2012, N. Ireland – Strange sound in Armagh Video
January 20 2012, Brazil – Strange sounds from the sky in Curitiba Video
January 19 2012, China – Strange Sounds in Beijing VideoVideo
January 19 2012, Canada – Strange Noise Sound Heard in Brampton Video
January 18 2012, Czech Republic – Strange Sound in Ostrava Video
January 18 2012, Brazil – Mystery sounds in SP Video
January 18 2012, Spain – Strange sound in Badajoz Video
January 18 2012, USA – Strange Sounds in Queens, New York Video
January 18 2012, UK – Strange Sounds In Nottingham Video
January 18 2012, USA – Strange sounds in Hollywood, CA Video
January 17 2012, Canada – Strange sounds London, Ontario Video
January 16 2012, USA – Strange Sounds in Venice, Florida Video
January 16 2012, Australia – Strange noises in Melbourne Video
January 16 2012, Poland – Strange Sound Przytok Video
January 16 2012, USA – Weird noise from sky in Chicago Video
January 15 2012, Canada – Unexplained sounds in Manitoba Video
January 15 2012, Greece – Humming noise in Arta Video
January 12 2012, Chile – Loud Sounds in Chile Video
January 12 2012, Czech Republic – Eerie sound Video
January 12 2012, Unknown – Strange sounds on the Winter road going to Kash from Msne Video
January 12 2012, USA – Oahu, Hawaii just past the Kualoa Ranch Video
January 12 2012, Canada – Strange hum heard in Burlington Video
January 12 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Outside in Indiana County, PA Video
January 10 2012, USA – Strange Roaring Noise In N. Michigan Skies – Light Show Too! Video
January 9 2012, Costa Rica – Night Sounds Video
January 1 2012, Spain – Strange sounds over Madrid Video
December 5 2011, USA – Weird noise coming from sky in Tennessee Video
November 28 2011, Mexico – Sonidos extraños en el cielo de Zapopan Video
November 12 2011, Sweden – Strange noise Video
November 11 2011, France – Unknown Sound heard in St Raphaël Video
October 21 2011, Norway – Strange sounds in Fredrikstad Video
October 18 2011, USA – Rumbling noise colorado – 10.19.2011 – Video
October 14 2011, Canada – STRANGE SOUND Coming from the Ground in Port Huron VideoVideo
October 6 2011, Brazil – Som estranho no céu do Rio de Janeiro Video
October 6 2011, UK – Strange Noise in Cloverfield Gardens Video
September 30 2011, USA – Strange Noise overTallahassee, Florida Video
September 30 2011, Russia – Strange sound in Chelyabinsk Oblast Video
September 16 2011, Denmark – Strange sound in Dovnork Video
September 16 2011, Norway – Earth groaning over Drammen Video
September 11 2011, Canada – Strange sound in Montreal Video
September 1 2011, Chile – Strange sounds over Santiago Video
September 1 2011, USA – Weird noise Philadelphia, Penn. Video
September 1 2011, Brazil – Strange sound in the sky of Curitiba Video
August 26 2011, Poland – Strange noise over Lodz, Poland Video
August 24 2011, USA – Strange Sound Before Virginia Quake Video
August 24 2011, UK – Weird Noise South East England Video
August 23 2011, USA – Strange noise in the sky St. Petersburg, Florida Video
August 23 2011, Russia – Weird Noise in Moscow Video
August 22 2011, USA – Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake Video
August 19 2011, Sweden – Strange noises over southern Sweden Video
August 17 2011, Ukraine – Strange sound in Lviv Video
August 14 2011, Belarus – Strange sounds near Homel Video
August 11 2011, Ukraine – Are these the Trumpets of the Book of Revelations? Video
August 7 2011, USA – Strange Rumbling Sound in Maryland Video
July 7 2011, USA – Strange Noise In Michigan’s sky Video
June 15 2011, UK – Strange Noise in Woodland, Durham Video
May 21 2011, USA – Strange Noise in the skies of Jersey City, NJ Video
April 10 2011, Tibet – Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks Video
March 28 2011, USA – Strange Sound in the Sky Video
March 10 2011, France – Weird Sounds in the Sky 03 South France) – Video
March 28 2011, USA – Eerie sounds in Florida Video
March 9 2011, Unknown – What is This Loud NOISE? Video
February 9 2011, Serbia – Strange noise in belgrade Video
August 11 2009, USA – Strange sounds from the sky in Wellsburg, WV Video
January 2 2009 Verizo noise pollution Video

Discover a list of the weirdest and creepiest numbers stations and mysterious broadcasts intrusions that exist and/ or happened around the world.

First some numbers station audio recordings by the Conet Project: