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#EGYPT NEW Revolution #25jan 2015 #UPDATE

#EGYPT NEW Revolution #25jan 2015 #UPDATE

  1. From all the photos reportedly taken on the scene of the shooting in Talaat Harb square, a mix is visible of police, high ranking officers and masked men from special security forces, which are now a common sight at protests. Theirs are also the only visible weapons. Later, the circumstance of Shaimaa being hit was placed in the usual dynamic of police shooting birdshots or live rounds while dispersing protesters. This doesn't agree with the hypothesis of a random, "infiltrated" shooter, or an MB affiliate, as argued by Ministry of Interiors in their first version.



 Whatever Happened To The Egyptian Revolution?


#مرسى و لا #السيسى #مصر

بعد الكلام ده المفروض كلنا ايد واحده

تخيل لو كان مرسي صارح الشعب وهو في الحكم وعرفه بالآتي:
- ان قيادات الجيش متورطة في قتل المتظاهرين فى ثورة يناير..
- ان المخابرات تواطأت مع الجيش وأخفت الأدلة اللى تثبت تورطه..
- ان الداخلية هي اللي فتحت السجون..
- اننا هانحاكم كل المسئولين عن كشوف العذرية وعارفينهم بالإسم..
- ان الشرطة كانت بتنزل بلطجيتها يعتدوا على المعتصمين..
- ان أمن الدولة كان بيخطف المصابين من الثوار من المستشفيات..
- ان فيه مواطنين كتير الجيش خطفهم وخباهم ولحد دلوقتى مانعرفلهمش طريق..
- ان المواطنين الشرفاء اللى كانوا بيعتدوا على المتظاهرين دول مأجورين من الجيش..
- ان المدرعات بتاعة الجيش تواطأت مع المجرمين في موقعة الجمل..
مش بذمتك كان زمان الشعب وكمان الثوار وقفوا جنبه وحموه وكانت الثورة انتصرت...وماكناش بقينا في المصيبة اللي احنا فيها دلوقتى...؟؟؟!!!
طب ايه رأيك يا حيلتها ياللى عايش في مية البطيخ ان الكلام ده كله أعلن ونشر في جميع وسائل الإعلام الرسمية بالنص والحرف زى ما هو مكتوب فوق كده...واتنشر ان دى نتايج تقرير لجنة تقصي الحقائق اللى شكلها مرسي..واتنشر ان النيابة العامة هاتحقق في الجرايم دى وهاتتم محاكمات بناءا على النتايج دي... ومرسي كان عامل حساب ده من قبلها ومأسس حاجه اسمها (نيابة الثورة) تتخصص فقط في الجرايم دى (ثوار الغبرة نزلوا ضدها في هوجة الإعلان الدستوري وتم الغاءها بعد الإنقلاب اللى حصل على أكتافهم)...
ها ؟
حصل ايه لما اتنشر الكلام ده ؟
حصلت مذبحة سجن بورسعيد...
حصل حظر التجول اياه بتاع مدن القناة والشعب نزل يتحداه بماتشات الكورة..
حصل حدف الإتحادية بالمولوتوف..
حصل رفض الثوار اياهم الحوار مع مرسي رغم محاولاته العديدة..
حصل هجوم بشع على الفضائيات ضد مرسي..
حصل حصار لمكتب النائب العام اللي المفروض يحقق في الكلام ده ومابقاش عارف يدخل الحمام..
حصل اتحاد من القضاة اللى المفروض هايحكموا بناءا على النتايج دى لإسقاط مرسي..
حصل ان الثوار اياهم نزلوا يهتفوا ضد أخونة الدولة وحكم المرشد..
حصل الهجوم على مقرات الإخوان وحرقها وقتل من فيها...
حصلت تمرد....
حصل انقلاب...
ادي الشعب اللى وقف جنب مرسي لما عرف الحقايق دي..
بس سيبك انت..أهم حاجه ان مرسي قال: عندنا رجالة زى الدهب..
وادى المصادر...وعلى فكرة كلام رسمي من المتحدث باسم رئاسة الجمهورية والمتحدث باسم لجنة تقصي الحقائق ومتوزع على الصحف كلها في نفس التوقيت...
أهرام 4 يناير 2013
المصري اليوم 1 يناير 2013
الوطن نفس التاريخ
اليوم السابع نفس التاريخ…/%D9%84%D8%AC%D9%86%D8%A9-%D8…/894852…
الشروق 2 يناير 2013


Let the games start Sami Anan and Presidency #Egypt

Al Watan newspaper claimed that Former Chief of Staff and deputy commander of SCAFSami Anan announced today that he was going to for presidency in Egypt.

 The news was published in the newspaper’s Friday evening

According to Al Watan General Anan announced this during some public conference in North Coast attended allegedly by thousands of Matrouh’s tribesmen. It is quite interesting because Matrouh is considered an Islamist voting bloc , a Salafist voting bloc to be accurate.

Hours later Al Masry Al Youm claimed that it spoke to the general and he denied that he intended to run for presidency !! He did not explain the reason behind that meeting though.

When I made a quick search online , I found interesting news like for instance how in several shady news websites on how the his support campaign claim that he was the main financier of Tamaroud campaign and how he reconciled with the so-called revolutionary youth.
I do not understand what is exactly happening knowing that Al Watan is too close to what is being referred to the Deep State of Egypt

Let’s be clear that Anan is not popular anymore. He is not popular among the revolutionaries who can not forget what happened during SCAF’s rule and he is not popular among the pro-military or the NDP supporters who used to support in the past because they believe that he supported the Muslim brotherhood.

He is also believed by that conspiracy theory group that he cut his visit to the States in January 2011 only to implement the US plan to destroy Egypt ….etc.

It is worth to mention that this news comes at the same time that there are several campaigns in Egypt calling General Abdel Fatah El Sisi to run for presidential elections. It is also worth to mention that most of those campaigns if not of all them are moderated by NDPians ,Omar Suleiman and Pro-military’s figures. 
Abdel Fatah El Sisi , the new idol of the public in Egypt has not declared yet whether he will run for presidency or not.

So yes we got two possible presidential hopeful : Sami Anan and Abdel Fatah El Sisi.


#Republican_Guards HQ : This Was the Start “Updated” #Egypt #MB

And we woke up on a massacre that took place in the republican guards. It seems that at dawn clashes erupted between Morsi supporters and army as well police. There are lots of conflicting reports. The the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters of attacking the Republican headquarters with army while the MB from their side is accusing the Egyptian army of attacking the peaceful sit in.
These are the weapons found with peaceful protesters sit-in when they tried to cross the fence of army

Egyptian army accuses
This is not good on all levels. This can be a start of something similar to what happened in Algeria.
There are videos , photos as well testimonies from both sides.
There are some facts thought :
According to the ministry of health not less than 42 were killed and at least 322 have been injured. At least there are no children killed in the clashes.
There are no children killed in the attack according to the ministry of health unlike what the Muslim brotherhood is saying and claiming. Unfortunately they are using photos from children that were killed in Syria as children killed in the clashes.
We know also is that the army blocked certain roads and at the same time there are reports that the army withdrew from Salah Salem area..

Vidoe: Caught on camera, militants fire at Egyptian troops



Egyptian army accuses
This is not good on all levels. This can be a start of something similar to what happened in Algeria.
There are videos , photos as well testimonies from both sides.
There are some facts thought :
According to the ministry of health not less than 42 were killed and at least 322 have been injured. At least there are no children killed in the clashes.
There are no children killed in the attack according to the ministry of health unlike what the Muslim brotherhood is saying and claiming. Unfortunately they are using photos from children that were killed in Syria as children killed in the clashes.
We know also is that the army blocked certain roads and at the same time there are reports that the army withdrew from Salah Salem area.
A Fact : There are people who are killed , those are people in the end of day and Egyptians.
Another Fact : Many Egyptians do not believe the Muslim brotherhood due to their constant lies even those revolutionaries who tasted the bitterness of SCAF rule. Many Egyptians believe that the MB supporters were planning for a sinister thing and that they were there to provoke the army. “Why would they have a sit in at a military facility !?”I heard of this today. 
Important fact : There were not Egyptian reporters in the sit in because the reporters were treated badly and attacked in the MB sits in , I know two Egyptian photographers who were attacked for no reason. The Egyptian channels are biased of course against the MB , it is a not a surprise. It is better to seek the truth yourself. The Egyptian TV channels consider it a “War on terrorism” and “War on radicalism” with silly logos and 24/7 patriotic songs and lots of lies and rumors inciting incredible hate. Already if it were up to me I would close all the TV channels in Egypt temporarily till things calm down.
 Logic Fact : We need clear/unbiased/honest investigation to stand the truth .. not only in this incident if we are seeking democratic progressive Egypt.
Sad Fact : Ramadan is after two days.
The last fact we should know and understand Egypt that we have known and wish for is no longer exists. Egypt has been spilt and there is huge gap now. Egypt needs someone to mend this gap as soon as possible and unit it again. I do not think anyone from the names in the scenes politicians or commanders or spiritual leaders can do this.
Now there are lots of reactions taking place right now. The Egyptian army will hold a press conference sooner to reveal all facts. The Muslim brotherhood is going to do the same.
In no time Mohamed Badie issued a statement on his official Facebook Page , here its English translation by Andeel.

  Although the bitterness we all suffer, we are prepared to accept the faithful initiatives that call for restoring legitimacy in full manner, a president, a constitution and a parliament.after that the president will mange a general discussion between all the national powers where all the matters of disapproval will have discussed in order to achieve a patriotic pardon in favor of the national best interest to save the Egyptian blood and to out from the dark tunnel which we were forced into by the military coup that brought the country nearly to the very e edge of doom.
Mohamed ElBaradei said what I wanted and demanded an investigation.


CAIRO — It was around 3:30 a.m. in Cairo on Monday morning and time for fajr, the first of the day's five Muslim prayers. In an hour and a half, the sun would rise. Now, it was still dark. On a wide boulevard running in front of the heavily guarded gates of the Republican Guard club, a few hundred protesters were entering the fourth day of a sit-in demanding the reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsy. They had been waiting, sleeping in sparse shade through the hot days, believing their president was held inside the compound. On Monday morning, they formed into lines, their backs turned to the soldiers guarding the gate, and began to pray.

Less than two thousand feet away, in a high-rise apartment on the other side of the sprawling club, Salah and his family awoke. They prepared for fajr. Then they heard gunshots.
Salah rushed to the window, turned on his phone and began to film. The shots cracked through the pre-dawn darkness, followed by more -- a rapid series of single blasts that sounded like they came from rifles. There was distant and incoherent shouting. Something that look liked black smoke drifted upward, and then more shots. Down below, inside the club, Salah watched soldiers throw on flak jackets, jump into vehicles and drive toward the commotion.
"There is no God but God," he muttered in trepidation.
On the streets in front of the club, something terrible was happening. How it began, too, is shrouded in darkness. But how it ended was clear: at least 51 dead protesters, a dead soldier and a dead policeman. It was the worst act of state violence since the 2011 uprising, a "massacre" that threatened to push the huge but temporarily defeated Muslim Brotherhood even further from reconciliation with a new government they view as completely illegitimate.
"The killing isn't random or individual or against thugs like before. The killing is systematic and programmed, instructed and ordered by the military," Mohamed el-Beltagy, a leading member of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, told reporters later on Monday. "This is a crime that threatens all Egyptians, that this is the regime that awaits Egypt if they allow the continuation of this military coup."
The two narratives of what occurred on Monday morning are as polarized as Egypt's politics, where belief now seems to hinge on affiliation over logic. The Brotherhood, castigated by many as an insular, clannish and reactionary religious militia, find themselves out of power and bereft of non-Islamist allies. They're framed by popular, privately-owned media as thuggish criminals undeserving of sympathy -- even in death. "Against terrorism," reads a banner permanently appended to the on-screen broadcast of the CBC network, unsubtly aimed at the Brotherhood.
The military offered up its own press conference on Monday afternoon to explain why 51 citizens lay dead in the street. The spokesman said Morsy's supporters had attempted to storm the guards' compound using shotguns and Molotov cocktails. Others threw rocks and debris on the guards from above, he explained, and soldiers had no choice but to respond with lethal force.

The story was problematic. Dozens of witnesses, including some not associated with the protesters, told reporters that violence began when soldiers and riot police fired tear gas to break up the sit-in and quickly began firing birdshot and bullets. Those who had been praying said the attack began suddenly, without provocation. Various survivors gave consistent statements. Doctors and journalists said the majority of the fatal gunshot wounds struck their victims from behind, as if they had been praying or fleeing. The military failed to produce any photographs or videos showing the initial alleged attack. The few they did provide showed two Morsy supporters responding later, during street battles after sunrise, with homemade pistols. The New York Times reported that the policeman who died was a local officer who had likely been shot by the military while hiding in his car, as they fired at protesters.
There was clear evidence that soldiers had pursued the protesters far beyond the sit-in. By midday, troops had erected a barbed-wire barricade some thousand feet up a road leading to the primary pro-Morsy protest at the Rabaa el-Adaweya Mosque. Far beyond the barricade, protesters showed reporters blood stains on the street. A car and food kiosk in a nearby intersection were both pocked with bullet holes, as were lamp posts even farther up the road. Video circulated by the Freedom and Justice Party showed a police officer, in daylight, firing a shotgun at protesters as military riot police with batons advanced, as well as what appeared to be a soldier atop a nearby Defense Ministry building firing shots from an assault rifle down at the crowd.

Video shows a member of the Brotherhood kill demonstrators from behind


#EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup #egypt #update

And here is the new roadmap proposed by the army sans Morsi after a very  long day. Yes the army ousted Morsi. Yes it is a coup according to all international and political science standards but it is a coup on the popular demand. The millions were asking for it in our streets for the past 4 days. I heard by own ears from the protesters. This is what the people want and they are happy with it.
Here is the roadmap :
  • The head of the Constitutional court Adly Mansour is the interim president.
  • The constitution is suspended and new amendments committee is formed “So we will not have a new constitution”
  • A National unity technocrat cabinet. “Rumors that ElBaradei will head it”
  • A code of ethics in the media will be declared
  • The Constitutional court will pass the parliamentary elections in order to have a new house of representatives
  • The interim president will have the right to issue constitutional declaration
  • A National reconciliation committee “Will the MB be part of it like the Mubarak regime members who are coming back again ?”
  • To empower youth .. bla bla bla 

#Egypt's Revolution II #July3 #Tahrir #UPDATED #June30

The army's deadline to the political powers or rather the Muslim brotherhood will be and it will force its own road map on everybody.
Today is extremely important thus I will use again live blogging once again to keep with what taking place in the country.

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#Egypt After the revolution

It is two years since Egyptian anti-government demonstrators began taking to the streets in a series of protests that swept President Hosni Mubarak from power.

Egypt's revolution began on 25 January 2011, the "Day of Revolt", when tens of thousands of marchers occupied Cairo's Tahrir Square to protest against President Hosni Mubarak and his government. Simultaneous protests were held across the country. In the following days, demonstrations became more violent, coming to a climax with running clashes in Cairo between pro- and anti-government demonstrators

 Despite efforts by the authorities to disperse the protesters, they refused to move and set up camp in Tahrir Square. On 4 February, dubbed the "Day of Departure", hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Cairo demanding Mr Mubarak leave office. But it took another week for the president to accept his fate. He finally agreed to step aside on 11 February after protesters marched on the Presidential Palace.

 After Mr Mubarak’s departure, Egypt’s parliament was dissolved and the country’s constitution suspended. The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces declared it would hold power for six months or until elections could be held. But while major protests subsided, uncertainty about the country’s future meant many protesters continued to return to Tahrir Square, calling for their demands for change to be met.

 Tensions soon built between the pro-democracy movement and the new military leadership. Protesters were drawn again to Tahrir Square to press military rulers to keep promises on political reform. Demonstrations turned violent. However, despite the unrest, voting in parliamentary elections took place between November 2011 and January 2012, with the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party taking almost half the share of votes.

 Newly-elected representatives of the People’s Assembly - parliament's lower house - met for the first time in January 2012 and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces transferred legislative authority to them. However, a court later dissolved the assembly amid accusations that it was dominated by Islamists. Despite this, in May, voting began in Egypt’s first free presidential election, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi declared the winner in June.
 The Islamist president’s first months in office were marked by political tensions and street protests. One of his first acts was to issue a decree overruling the court decision to dissolve parliament. The move effectively placed a panel tasked with writing the new constitution above judicial review. Amid public outrage, Mr Morsi later rescinded most of his decree, but still pushed ahead with a referendum on the draft constitution, which was approved in December.

 Opposition groups continue to accuse Mr Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood backers of betraying the goals of the revolution. They want to see radical changes to Egypt's newly-adopted constitution, which they say fails to guarantee personal freedoms and rights for women and minorities. Parliamentary elections in 2013 are likely to set the stage for yet another electoral battle between surging Islamists and their fractious liberal and leftist opponents.